The battle in Tiny Warriors is based on the player's strategy and his warrior's Ki level. The higher your Ki level is, the stronger and faster you are. The player's warrior has 5 attributes which goes up as he gain more Ki: Power (damage output), Movement Speed (both flying and running), Hit Rate, Dodge and Block.

The warrior's movement speed is determined by his Ki level and by the gravity of the planet he is on. Planets with higher gravity force are harder to move in.


When the player starts a new stage the amount of Ki the warrior has counts as his base Ki level, and he can charge it until it reaches his max Ki level .When the warrior reaches the needed Ki level for a trasformation, he automatically transform. If a warrior starts a stage and has more Ki then needed to transform, he will have to reach a certain percent of his Max Power before he can tranform.

The warrior and his enemies can "sense" each other's location. When your warrior senses an enemy, an arrow appears on the screen and points toward the enemy, and when an enemy senses your warrior he simply tries to attack. The distance from which the warrior and his enemies can sense each other from depends on the warrior's Ki level - The higher the Ki level is, the greater the distance is. Players can use this mechanic to plan their strategy, for example: One player may decide to increase his warrior's Ki level to the maximum in order to draw all the enemies to him and fight them all at once, while another player might want to increase his warrior's Ki level just enough to be able to draw the closest enemy and fight enemies one at a time.

Gravity Rooms

In these rooms the warrior's movement speed is reduced because of the higher gravity, which makes the Gravity Rooms slightly more challenging than the rest of the stages on the same planet. The differences in the planet's and gravity rooms' gravity is indicated by the room's name. Example: In "Gravity Room x4" the gravity is four times higher than on the rest of the planet